Developing Applications and Software

Since 2006

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Developing Applications and Software

Since 2006

Calculate the Price of your
Software Solution

Questions before you get started

Can an app be the solution to your problems?

Our answer is: absolutely. Business problems lie in the complexity of internal processes and outdated ways of selling to your customers. An app is designed to simplify and optimize sales processes. Every user has access to a smartphone, which is the perfect way to link companies with their potential customers. We must take advantage of its boom.

How much does it cost to build an APP?

The cost of an application depends on two factors: delivery time and development complexity.
Delivery time: A custom app has a minimum development and programming time of at least 18 weeks, if the client wants this project in less time, we can do it in less time, with more development staff and a larger budget from the client.
Development Complexity: An app can be created for Android, IOS or windows phone, each of them has levels of complexity and different gadgets that give it more versatility and usability, therefore, more complexity. All up to you! A custom quote is the best way to find out.

Which operating system should you choose?

When you think about developing an app to improve your business, you must be clear that there are several operating systems and devices.
It is not the same to create an application for Android, as for iOS or for Windows Phone. It will have a different cost. It will also change the price if you want your app to adapt to several different operating systems. We can gladly advise you and the final decision will depend on the budget you have in mind.

Which is the right app for my business?

When you decide to create an application for your company, we recommend it adapts to any operating system. In the end the expense may be a little higher, but you will avoid a future cost.
If you decide for example to develop an app that only adapts to iOS, if you later need to make another one for Android its price will be higher than if you do it all at once. In addition, you must be clear about the type of application you want..

Free downloads or paid app?

It is a question that usually worries companies that want to launch an app. This requires a study of the competition and see what it offers. If you create a tool similar to others that are free, it is not recommended to charge for the download of that application. A free app can open many doors for you. With advertising you can get to finance it. Find ads that are interesting to your target audience. If you finally decide to put a price, you have to justify it in the description. Users need to know what differentiates you from the rest so that they pay for your app compared to that of your competitors.

How Long does it take to develop an app?

Developing an application is similar to building a hotel, first the terrain is selected, it is excavated, the foundation is laid, the arquitectal plans, the skeleton of the house is made, the plumbing is laid and electrical wiring is laid, then the interior design and finishes are given. And after the hotel is done you need all personal to handle the maintenance of it Custom software development is exactly the same and is an engineering feat that takes no less than 18 weeks of development, testing, and commissioning.

How to get started?

After you get in touch with us, we will contact you to discuss any of your questions and help you make the right decision. We are experts in application development and we have decades of experience. The final product will leave you very satisfied. The quality of service and care of our clients is one of Soefe’s strong points. To contact us: Step 1: Use the quote calculator above Step 2: Send an email to, [email protected] Step 3: Contact us over the phone or via whatsapp. One of our professionals will hear you and give you comprehensive advice on what best suits your needs. Our number is +(506) 8939-5869