The 10 Best Apps To Make Free Calls


While it is true that cell phones have mostly been developers so that we can communicate with our relatives, loved ones, friends, bosses or employees through calls, that has changed over time.

Over the years , the most advanced operating systems such as iOS or Android have appeared , and with them the applications that allow us to communicate, but do so through texts, voice calls, recorded audio, etc.

That is why the operators have decided to charge us for the mobile data we consume, leaving out the rates focused mainly on calls , since applications can give us this use.

Even today we have a huge number of applications to call for free from iOS and Android, which we want to review so that you can get to know them and start using them on your devices.

You will see that many of these platforms are well known while in the case of others it is not, so we recommend that you give them the opportunity to find out which one is best suited to your needs.

App To Call For Free From IPhone Or Android

Well, we will talk about some of the best applications and programs to call for free from iPhone or Android, most of which work in these two operating systems without problems:

WhatsApp : the most used free instant messaging application in the world has long had features that allow us to call our contacts for free, avoiding traditional calls. Your calls are also protected by an encryption system that ensures that no one else accesses them, not even the authorities. This app obviously works on both iOS and Android.

  • Messenger : the messaging application born as a simple chat on Facebook and which over time has achieved independence, also allows us to communicate with our friends via VoIP calls. Although they are not encrypted like those of WhatsApp, in many cases when the signal is not really good they are smoother than that of that platform. It also works on iOS and Android.
  • Hangouts / Duo : Google’s proposal in terms of communication may represent one of the worst bets in the history of The Big G, yet it is a service that has some strengths, such as what most users have an account when they are register in Gmail. Like the previous ones, it works smoothly on iOS and Android.

FaceTime : in this case we are in the presence of a program developed specifically for users of Apple devices, namely iPhone. Facetime is installed in almost all the latest versions of these terminals, although as long as you have uninstalled it you can download it again on your mobile without major inconveniences.

  • Skype : even if when it comes to video calling there is practically no doubt that Skype is one of the best, but the best possible alternative, there are not many users who take this into account when they think about voice calls. Either way, we recommend you give it a try as its call quality is generally very good. It also works on iOS and Android.

Viber : known by many as the best option that exists in case of not wanting or not being able to use Skype, of Viber we must say that it stands out more than anything else in video calls even if it does not give up a call service. Thanks to it you can communicate with whoever you want and it is also possible to install it on both iOS and Android.

  • LINE : one of the most famous messaging applications in the world has a call and video call system for all users, who can download it on iOS and Android terminals without inconvenience.
  • Talku : this time we are in the presence of an app that allows free calls between users, with the particularity that it will also be possible to accumulate credits to call, without having to pay, to other phones, fixed or mobile, from anywhere in the world. world. Works on iOS and Android.
  • Tango : one of the most popular apps in the world when it comes to free calls and video calls, and it stands out in its segment mainly because it allows us to add a huge amount of filters to images in real time. Works on iOS and Android.
  • UppTalk : the latter option will allow you to call your friends without having to pay, with the advantage that the other person does not need to have the service installed, even if in that case it has minimal costs. It can be installed on iOS or Android and also has video calling.

Of course, you have to consider that all these applications to call for free consume mobile data if you are not connected to WiFi, so as far as you can, you should always try to be connected to these networks.

Otherwise, even if the calls do not consume as much data as video calls, you’ll discover that the list of expenses for the mobile data at the end of each monthly period or year will be higher than expected.

Which of these free calling apps do you like best?

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