The 10 Essential Apps For This 2022

New mobile applications arrive every year . It is a booming market and where there is a lot of competition, which is why companies are dedicating more and more effort, resources and time to developing apps that can really make a difference.

Currently you can find applications for all tastes and needs. From music to other health-focused applications, as well as to encourage sports, learn languages, edit photos… Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it just a click away.

In today’s article we present a collection of apps destined to revolutionize the market in 2022 . Here is a collection of a few that are going to become a trend or are already hitting it.

What Apps Should I Download This 2022?

Many new apps arrive on both Android and iOS every year. For this reason we have developed this ranking according to different criteria: innovation, utility, ease of use, performance …

Those who best meet these characteristics are those who have earned themselves in the category of “essentials”.

1. Meyo

Meyo is, without a doubt, one of our essential applications of this 2022 . We will be following it very closely since its (free) launch the week of March 16, 2022 on Android and iOS. This app, if it can fit into one category, would be health apps, but the truth is that it takes health promotion to unsuspected limits.

Meyo seeks that users own their health in all areas of life. Based on the principle that health is not just about not being sick, but about being happy and getting the most out of life, the app guides you in all aspects of a healthy life, both physically and emotionally: food, sports, sleep, personal relationships , personal development and leisure.

Follow a diet, start a sport (whatever), follow an exercise routine at the gym or at home, quit smoking, abandon compulsive behaviors, overcome a fear or phobia, overcome the loss of a loved one, or take a break love, sleep better, strengthen relationships with loved ones, achieve better results at work or in studies, prepare for a job interview, overcome stress, make leisure plans, improve your communication skills, relax …

Whatever you can imagine, Meyo can help you. And is that through conversations with an artificial intelligence, the app detects what you need and offers you all kinds of challenges, videos, tips, games, meditations, etc. And what you need to improve in any area of ​​your life. It also has a food and product reader to know what to buy and what not to buy when you go to the supermarket.

It also has a feature never seen before: it allows you to request a genetic analysis. The information is embedded in the app and by knowing your genes, Meyo offers you absolutely personalized diets. This way they can tell you what to eat (and in what quantities) and which foods you should moderate in order to optimize your health as much as possible.

Meyo is coming to stay. And it is called to completely revolutionize the world of apps. We will follow it very closely.

  • To find out more about Meyo: “‘Meyo’, the app that will revolutionize physical and psychological health”

2. World Around Me

Can you imagine combining augmented reality with Google Maps services? This is what “World Around Me” offers us . One of the most innovative and useful applications that we will certainly follow closely this year.

The application connects to your camera and gives you an augmented reality of what you see. From there, you select what you want to find (restaurants, petrol stations, pharmacies, ATMs…) and the application shows you which route you need to follow to get there. It’s great to find your way around. “World Around Me” takes the best of location services and makes the most of them to make our lives easier.

3. Memrise

“Memrise” is not a new app, but its improvements and updates have meant that we must include it among the essential elements for this 2022 . If what you want is to learn languages, this app is, without a doubt, one of the best options.

And he is aware that the more you have fun, the easier it is to learn, “Memrise” offers a didactic plan with very entertaining content that always keeps the curiosity and attention of the user so that he constantly gives his best.

It sets goals for you and also allows you to communicate with native speakers so that you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses. The languages ​​you can learn are English, German, French, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Arabic.

4. BabyCenter

Are you expecting a baby? Are you a new parent? This app can be your salvation. BabyCenter is one of the best pregnancy guides you can find. The app offers tips, weekly calendars, videos, tools, product reviews for kids, and everything else you might need to make this adventure easier.

It has a large community of millions of parents with whom you can exchange advice. Plus, the app continues to provide tips and guides for one year after giving birth to make everything easier for parents.

5. I Want To Kick

Want to know what your shoes would look like but don’t want to waste time going to a store to try them on? “Wanna Kicks” offers you the solution. This amazing application has a huge catalog of Nike shoes and allows you to see how they fit you through augmented reality. Without a doubt, an essential application for all fashion lovers.

6. Spark

“Spark” is a very useful application to manage our mail on the mobile . Merge all of our accounts into one so you have a single mailbox. In addition, it offers the possibility of using artificial intelligence so that your messages and emails appear in order of importance.

7. Any.Do

“Any.Do” is the best tool you can find to efficiently organize your day . The app syncs with all your devices and allows you to create lists, reminders, tasks and always keep them organized and sorted. Keeping track of your daily activities has never been easier. Without a doubt, an essential app for this 2022.

8. Chrono

“Crono” is one of the essential elements of this 2022 thanks to its usefulness . The app connects your phone and computers and brings up notifications on your computer. That way, you won’t have to constantly check your phone while you work. This way you will know what the important things are and what can wait. A fantastic app to improve work performance.

9. Automate

As the name suggests, “Automate” allows you to automate many functions of your phone . Without having too much computer knowledge, it gives you the ability to change some parameters so that your smartphone responds more intelligently to what you need.

It has many different functions that you can activate at will, such as the possibility that the sound of the mobile phone decreases while an advertisement appears in the music or video you play. Without a doubt, one of the essential apps of this 2022 for its usefulness.

10. False Point

Do you shop online but are you afraid that they will cheat you? Fake Spot is here to help you .

This app automatically analyzes the reviews on the main online buying and selling portals and tells you if the seller is trustworthy or not. An essential app for this 2022 to avoid being scammed when we buy something and we don’t want to waste time reading thousands of comments.

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