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Mobile Apps

Custom Software allows you to meet specific needs and improve company performance through effective processes.


The economic horizon of the future is based on electronic commerce and automation that generates


Taking an already designed piece of software and integrating it with another creates flexibility and efficiency.

DDOS Attack Protection

Protection specialists in DDOS attacks (Distributed denial of service attack).

Mail Service

Dedicated services for the handling of sending and receiving business emails.


Renting Software allows to minimize the initial investment and allows you to launch your product in the market quickly.

Content Server and Streaming

24/7 support and business relationship with cloudflare and other content servers.

Custom Development

Custom Software allows you to meet specific needs and improve company performance through effective processes.


UI – UX Design

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Frequent Questions

Indeed, an app can be the solution to a problem. Business problems
problems often stem from the complexity of internal processes
outdated ways of reaching customers. An app is designed to provide simplification and optimize sales processes. Every user has access to a smartphone, which is the perfect medium to connect companies with their potential customers. It is essential to take advantage of its popularity.

The cost of an application varies based on two factors: Delivery time and development complexity.

Delivery Time: Custom development requires a minimum
development and programming time of at least 18 weeks. If the client desires a shorter project timeline
we can deliver in less time by allocating more development personnel and increasing the budget.

Development ComplexityAn app can be created for Android, iOS, or Windows Phone, each with different levels of complexity and unique features that provide greater versatility and usability, hence more complexity. It all depends on you! Our quoting tool will provide visibility into your specific needs.

When considering developing an app to enhance your business, it is important to understand that there are various operating systems, and you must decide whether you want it to run on a specific device or multiple devices.

Creating an app for Android is not the same as developing for iOS or Windows Phone. The cost will vary accordingly. The price will also change if you intend for your app to be compatible with multiple operating systems. We can provide advice, and the final decision will depend on the budget you have in mind.


When you take the step and decide to create an application for your company, it is important to have a clear understanding that it is best to make it compatible with any operating system. In the end, the initial expense may be slightly higher, but you will avoid future costs.

For instance, if you decide to develop an app that only caters to iOS, the price will be higher when you later want to create another one for Android compared to developing both simultaneously. Additionally, you must have a clear understanding of the type of application you want.

It is a concern that often worries companies that want to launch an app. To do so, it is necessary to conduct a competitive analysis and see what is already available in the market. If you create a tool similar to others that are free,
, it is not advisable to charge for the app download. A free app can open many doors for you. You can finance it through advertising. Look for ads that are interesting to your target audience. If you ultimately decide to set a price, you need to justify it in the description of the app market where the application is distributed. Users need to know what sets you apart from the rest, so they are willing to pay for your app over your competitors'.

Developing an application is exactly like constructing a hotel. First, you select the land, excavate, lay the foundations, perform the casting, create the framework of the building, install the plumbing and electrical wiring, establish the interior climate, apply the finishing touches, and then you require personnel to provide maintenance for your hotel. Custom software development follows the same process and is an engineering project that takes no less than 18 weeks to design, test, ensure quality control, and launch.

We will get in touch with you to address any of your inquiries. We will assist you in making the right decision. We are experts in application development and have proven experience in the industry. The final product we offer will leave you highly satisfied. The quality of our service and the care for our clients are among the strong points of CoreBases. Contact us by requesting a quote for your project above. In this case, we should answer the question with specific steps, like this: Step 1: Request a quote for your software development.

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